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Martinesque started his nighttime adventures with tasteful house records towards the tail end of the nineties. Inspired by the deep explorations of Chicago and New York stalwarts, he’s found pleasure in playing out low-slung grooves and stripped-back entries from all corners of electronic music. Since, the Basel native has honed his craft in clubs around the country and beyond. Methodically stitching together records from his vaults, Martinesque escalates from meditative rhythm workouts to subdued dancefloor drama in a controlled fashion. He’s developed his artistic vision through residencies in some of Switzerland’s most cherished spaces, but nowadays found his spot as Elysia’s head of bookings, where he’s since showcased a full-spectrum analysis of contemporary dance music. His most recent endeavour is Adam’s Bite, a cross-disciplinary cooperation zoning in on oblique music and visual arts, further cementing his position as a driving figure in a thriving scene.


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