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Audio Werner


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The Berlin based producer, DJ and Hart Chef Records label boss Audio Werner has been a respected figure in the underground for decades now, his music has found a home on the likes of Cabinet, Circus Company, Toi Toi Musik, Aku and of course Perlon.

Up first on the EP is ‘Deepozzarella’, embracing Audio Werner’s somewhat signature deep and dubby aesthetic via ethereal, spaced out chords intertwined with a jazzy, walking bass groove and intricately programmed, heavily swung organic percussion throughout.

‘Chordlift’ follows next and takes a similar path, bringing shuffled congas and shakers to the forefront while expansive, dubbed out stabs sequences and a pulsating low-end drive

further fuels the smoothly unfolding groove.

The B-side is then taken up by the twelve-minute excursion that is ‘Tension’, aptly titled the composition employs a subtly unfurling restrained approach, teasing in new percussive

elements, expansive dub echoes and nuanced shifts within each sound which build towards a crescendo in its later stages.


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