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About us


It started with an entrepreneur from Switzerland whose idea was to create his own fashion collection. In addition to good quality and exclusive garments, the aim was for the new brand to be characterised by a particular affinity for art and music.

In order to put his business idea into practice, the entrepreneur contacted an artist and a tailor who also have their roots in Switzerland. From then on the artist was responsible for the creative ideas, and the Paris-based tailor for the rigorous craftsmanship. The foundation for the new fashion collection had been laid.

So as to guarantee the best quality of the garments, they decided to produce the high-quality materials exclusively in Switzerland and to have the finishing of the garments carried out in an old family firm in northern Italy. This resulted in a combination of the best production standards of two countries, artistic fabric designs and precise tailoring. Adam`s Bite was born.

Adam`s Bite combines different trends and influences from the worlds of fashion, art and music as can be seen in these creations of the Parisian tailor, the fabric patterns created by artists and the targeted collaboration with various musicians for podcasts, compilations, and vinyl releases.

Our goal is going beyond borders and believe in true friendship. Then not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.